Professional Content and Streaming Provider

Professional Content & Streaming Provider

Professional Content and Streaming Provider – A few words about StreamWithQ

StreamWithQ Provides streaming media services to Internet Web Radios, TV Networks and ChannelsIndividualsDj’sEducational and Worship Institutions. Services like SHOUTcast streaming, Live Video Streaming and On Demand (VOD) Video Hosting for business to all over the world since 2004!

We provide solutions for your Internet Radio using our Private Cloud Network of Servers a Control Panel like Centova Cast V3 that includes AutoDj, Dj’s Scheduling and many more. Our prices for internet radios are based on two models; Steady Concurrent Users with Unlimited Bandwidth, or Bandwidth based models with many listeners!

We can help you setup your Online Web Tv, using Live Video Streaming or On Demand (VOD) Video Hosting, with our Private Network of Powerful Wowza Media Servers. If you are a business with allot of videos and you want to upload them for showcase, or monetize them, we have our own and one of the best Video Hosting for business, called Vidblee, that can help you upload, transcode, socialize, monetize and track all of your videos in no time!

StreamWithQ is the result of cooperation between a group of people, well established in the field of Media, advertising and the Internet since 1996. You can read more about our parent company by visiting this link. The high-quality services and a new approach in the field of streaming audio and streaming video are the 2 main pillars of our philosophy. We provide our clients, complete solutions (SHOUTcast streaming – Live Video Streaming and On Demand (VOD) Video Hosting) and suggestions that are designed to meet all the current needs of the market.

Our support, the thorough implementation of high-quality services, our proprietary fiber optic network, privately owned servers, strategic agreements with the largest data centers in Europe and an excellent human resource department, can only be the best guarantee for a successful outcome.

  1. Complete Streaming Solutions for everyone!
  2. No Contracts!
  3. Full and Dedicated Support for your projects!
  4. Custom work for the success of your next awesome project!

Network and Server Information

Our servers are kept secure and up-to-date. Firewalls are also used, which help maintain our customers security. Innovative monitoring systems developed in house will check on your server for problems and automatically attempt to heal any problems if on the rare occasion they arise.

Premium Grade Streaming Delivery Network

StreamWithQ network of servers are strategically placed in world-class data- centres throughout EUROPE including our very own data centre in the centre of Balcan, Thessaloniki. The choice of which location you’d like your services will be presented when you sign up.

All of the data centers utilized are manned 24/7 & 365 days a year. They are high security industrial facilities which feature backup power generators and performance air-cooling to keep equipment running smoothly. We select only the best bandwidth providers for you and have landed on a ‘tried & tested’ handful of select locations that have gained our trust over the years. We know these will offer the best solutions suited to your needs.

Other providers often go for whatever cheap server deals they can get even to the point where they are provisioning servers in third world countries with poor internet, meaning that bandwidth and performance is untested and can prove unreliable, which in turn affects their customers. At StreamWithQ, we take our customer requirements seriously and will only ever use networks that we know you can rely on.

The networks you’ll be using are best suited to radio and tv stations wanting a professional solution with high uptime, excellent connection times from anywhere in the world and no buffering. All bandwidth sold on our network of servers is dedicated, not over-saturated and the capacity purchased will thus be guaranteed to be available for you 24/7.

SHOUTcast Streaming Servers

SHOUTcast hosting for everyone that wants to open a web radio instantly, with one of the best in the world control panel, Centova Cast V3


Live Video Streaming

Consistent viewing and listening experience in HTML5 and Flash, across mobile, tablet, desktop and connected Tv’s


Video Hosting For Business

You need the assurance that your videos will get to any device, anywhere in the world with the highest possible quality. Look no further.


Custom Streaming Solutions

In case you have a project that is not covered with our pre-made plans or solutions, send us a message with your project details.


Collocation Services

Co-Locating servers is an excellent investment for companies that own the hardware and want to outsource the running costs.


WiFi Internet Solutions

For companies inside North Greece that need true power of high value Internet. Speeds up to 1Gbps for one Link!


Interested in Collocation ? 

Co-Locating servers is an excellent investment for companies that own the hardware their applications are running on and want to outsource the running costs, infrastructure requirements and improve connectivity without re-investing in new hardware.

Start with 1U, half Rack or go with a Full 46 Units Rack!

With prices that start at 60€ per month for 1U, that include

  1. Free SMS and Email alerts
  2. Intelligent hands on-site 24×7
  3. 20TB of bandwidth included
  4. Firewall Security

You will find it an amazing and affordable solution.

Why choose StreamWithQ for colocation?

  • Private data centre
  • 100% SLA on all services
  • On site 24/7 engineers
  • Free SMS and email alerts
  • Priority support via email and phone
  • Personal account manager
  • Custom configurations and setups
  • Service available in Greece and Germany, soon for more countries
  • Fast Setup and Activation


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